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The Best Upgrade for your Iwata Airbrush

The best modification you can make to your Iwata airbrush lies in the air valve spring, because stock springs have too much tension. Replacing the original spring with a new Blair SoftSpring will make it much easier to control, as well as reduce finger fatigue.

We are the original softspring manufacturers, and the only source that replicates the exact tolerances for Dru Blair's original softspring, which began development in the 1980's. Remember that you get what you pay for, so beware of cheap imitations.

The new Blair SoftSpring

How you hold the airbrush is important when dealing with sensitive areas of your painting that require maximum control. Incorrect hand position can limit the control you have over your airbrush as well as generate finger fatigue and hand cramps.

Below are two traditional methods of holding the airbrush. Note the back and forth movement required to control the flow of paint.

incorrect hand positions

Try the position that Dru Blair uses if you are looking for better control of your airbrush. Place your index finger across the trigger so that the first joint of your finger is directly above the trigger. Moving only the tip up and down will move the trigger forward and back only slightly, giving you much more control for fine lines and detail work.


This position works best when a softer air valve spring is used. Our new springs are designed to improve your airbrush control no matter what hand position you use, because they greatly reduce the pressure required to push down the air valve trigger, yet are strong enough to disengage the air when the you lift your finger off of the trigger. Often only the weight of your finger is required to engage the air.
Note**** We do not recommend the use of the product known as Superlube in your airbrush. The residue left on the airvalve trigger can leave a residue which will interfere with the performance of the Softspring.
This video shows how you can replace your stock spring with a new SoftSpring in just a few minutes.

Blair SoftSpring

Purchase the new SoftSpring here on our new website.


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