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Birds of Prey Workshop

Birds of Prey + Live Demonstration

In this workshop, Dru will share the techniques he
uses to create photorealistic birds of prey. Dru will
demonstrate the rendering of feathers, eyes, beaks,
and talons, and will also explain how to merge the
bird into the background scene to avoid a “cut-out”
appearance. In addition,to feathers, Dru will cover
scales, and fur.

Falconeer Chad Harrelson will be flying one or more
live birds of prey during the workshop, so bring your

Composition, lighting, and textures, will also be
discussed as well as specialized techniques and
their proper use. Students will learn to quickly
match colors with extreme accuracy and precision
through Dru Blair's Color Buffer Theory.

All materials and reference will be supplied in our
new facility, which features color-corrected lighting
and a state-of-the-art air filtration system. There
will also be an optional Foundations class on the
Wednesday before each workshop for those
wanting to brush up on their airbrush control.

To view upcoming classes check out our
 class schedule. on our new website.
Class date:TBA, 2020


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