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After painting for 10 straight years I kept wanting to outdo myself with each new work I produced, always falling a bit short of my goal. I took the time to keep an open mind and spend the week with Dru. He exposed me to tools and techniques that has sent my quality of painting BEYOND the level that I sought before the class. His theory was explained in a language I could understand and absorb. In addition, my work has become more photo-real than before as well as refined and mature. Dru's color theory and "perspective" on the way we "see things" now allows me to view nature and the world around me through different lenses. My life as a painter has been changed forever. I can describe the experience as heading out on a long journey with no map. Dru handed me the roadmap and showed me the way. I no longer have to fly blind and guess on what to do. I urge all artist who take their work serious, to open themselves up to new possibilities in themselves and their craft. If you as an artist had the capability to get the results you wanted on your own, you would have. I couldn't do it on my own.

The atmosphere during the class was great music, long hours and CONSTANT laughter. I will forever be impacted by these few days. Take your art to the next level. Take the workshop ~ Noah

My time invested at Blair School of Art was both rewarding and beneficial. I went to Dru’s class with great expectations and got more out of it than I even hoped for. His buffered color theory and application are very valuable tools in creating believable airbrushed art. I know it will forever change the way I view my subject matter and my approach to art, bringing it to a new and higher level. Dru and his staff were very knowledgeable and accommodating. I consider the class time well spent. I would recommend it to any serious airbrush artist. ~ A.D. Cook

I had been airbrushing for about 10 years, all self taught. My steadfastness and desire to improve kept my drive alive but improvements came in short spurts. Most of my work was good but there always seemed to something missing. I had many questions that would arise that I did not know the answer to or how to arrive at my desired appearance or effect. Once I took Dru's class it seemed that the flood gates had opened. I looked at color differently, I had a different approach to how I would accomplish my goals and gained confidence and diversity in my work as well. The color theory made my work go much quicker and it gave it that missing link I had been searching for. Dru and his assistants showed the greatest hospitality and respect for "all" the class. The combination of that and the teaching gave me the biggest boost of my career. Whether a beginner or a professional, the class will help you in many ways to achieve the next step up in your artwork. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to advance from where they are in airbrushing. ~ Darryl Strader

Beginners listen up! Don't be intimidated. I recently attended one of Dru's classes and was amazed by the results. I joined the class with absolutely no artistic or painting experience. That's experience!

Despite my lack of experience, I was able to produce some incredible results for someone at my skill level. If a person like me with no exposure to airbrushing can leave confident in my abilities, then anyone can learn from Dru's school.

This speaks to the effectiveness of Dru's methods, his staff, and the classroom/studio setting. (I can't imagine trying to learn this material in a hotel or conference center like some of the other classes I've seen advertised.) Leverage the learning from one of the best and learn to work smart! The experience will change they way you approach many projects and will save you years of frustration. Alone, Dru's half day marketing lecture is worth the price of admission.

Bottom line, Dru's methods WORK! If you want to improve your airbrush skills or get started in airbrushing, sign up for a class now. You won't be disappointed. ~ Shannan Collins

I wanted to tell you guys how much fun I had at the school. The class was well worth every penny. I learned several painting techniques that really gave me that jump that I needed to advance my artwork. I'm looking forward to coming back. ~ DAVID BRUNSON

Dru, I know that you will not let me give credit for this, but I want to thank you for some changes in my life. I don't know how well you remember me, but I was the police officer who attended your class last October. So that you understand, I want to give you a little back story.

I'd say for a year prior to your class I was having difficulty. I was so stressed from being a police officer that it was affecting me physically. I constantly needed to take medicine for everything from an ulcer (at 27!), to waking up in a panic because I had stopped breathing in my sleep.

I went to your class to find something I could do on my own time to relax. After leaving your class, things were different. I started drawing and painting more often, and people locally started seeing some of my work. In almost no time I started getting offers for work. I started with paintings for individuals. I did not believe I was worth very much, so the pay was just spending money. Then I was assigned to design the logo and billboard for a local motorcycle fabrication company. I was later contacted by a man who owns a tattoo/ art studio. He said that he was looking for a new artist, and although he had many offers, he wanted me because of my artistic talent. After a few practice pieces (on ex-cons of all people) it turned out that I was one of the fastest learners he'd ever seen. He hired me, and I made so much more money, that I soon quit the police department to work with him. So now I was working six hours a day (as opposed to 12 at the P.D.), spending much more time at home, and making 3-4 times the money. All the while getting more and more offers for work. After awhile, I noticed that I had not taken any of my medications in months. I am currently illustrating the walls of a comic and gaming business (comic book heroes etc...).

The point is, I know the talent was always in me, but you have more to do with bringing it out then you might realize. It was not just showing me the techniques. I admired you as a person as much as an artist. I always thought of artists as long-haired eclectic beatniks who sipped cafe mocha's and spoke about the evil of the establishment. Your values, down to earth demeanor, and charisma changed my opinion of what an artist is, and that allowed me to see myself as one.

Anyway, whether you'll believe it or not, something changed for me at your class, and I feel I should thank you, so... Thank you. ~S. Michael Peterson

P.S. By the way, I am not covered in tattoos. For me it's a job not a lifestyle. You think correcting an error on illustration board can be difficult, try a moving canvas of skin.

I’ve been painting for about 7 years off and on. I’ve been to a couple of airbrush getaways, watched to many airbrush video to count. But nothing could of prepared me for the education, and I do mean education I was about to receive in attending one of Dru Blair’s seminars. I must use the word seminar because it was much more than just a “class”. It was inspirational, uplifting and inspiring! In one of my trips to getaways I met Meinrad Frochin, he was working on painting persons of “Color”. So he took several shots of me and did a collage; by the way… I’m the one in the opening paintings in his paint theory videos. I built a rapport with Meinrad, asking questions and advice. I was having trouble with a portrait I was painting; couldn’t get the edges correct, areas were to dark, etc. I was using transparent paint. Meinrad suggested I take one of Dru Blair’s seminars. I can not express the joy and satisfaction in taking that advice. Dru not only taught us “Art”, he taught us how to SEE art in life, and put it on canvas. Colors now come alive; mistakes are made and fearlessly corrected. Dru taught use the “why” and “how” of color. I distinctly remember the very last day/hour/minute of class, other students had already left, and my project was no where near being completed. The eye of my portrait was hideous. I was about to give up and pack it in, but Dru and Mel and Donna encouraged me to at least correct the problem eye with their help of course before I leave. That one defining moment of many gave me the incentive to press on, to push through and believe as Dru would say. I fixed the eye and it looked good. Once I returned home I was no longer afraid of making mistakes and throwing away the painting, I would just “push” through, I would believe I could do it. I now learn from my mistake experiences. When Dru Blair teaches, he teaches as though when you leave his seminar, you are a reflection of him. This is the kind of concern he has for you as a person and artist. I just finished a portrait of my grand son and I showed it to some people at my place of employment. One expression was and I quote: “what you showed me I thought was a photograph enlarged, I did not realize it was a painting” end quote. I’m not quite there yet, but thanks to Dru Blair and his team, I’m on my way ~Octavius


I am an amateur airbrush painter and went to the class with a feeling of learning a lot of tip and tricks. What a surprise it was to me that Dru in his 4 day portrait class showed me that all could be made using his colour buffer technique and conventional airbrush techniques. And that the basic skills are already there, it’s just applying them using his techniques that make the airbrush work really photo realistic. And even high quality master pieces like Tica revealed it’s build up to me at the end off the course, and showed me that when I keep on applying Dru’s techniques I should be able to become photo realistic in time also. As Dru says over and over again “It’s so damned easy”. I would recommend everyone to go to his class, and learn the techniques he uses. They are no magical tricks, it is all possible to learn. Of course in 4 days time you can not practice everything, but he gives you an open and good insight on how you are able to get there. Thanks Dru and your team for sharing that with me. ~Ronald Rijntjes, Netherlands.

PS: One remark, Dru is such an enthusiastic speaker that he brings a lot of good information very rapidly. I think it is important that you are able to understand a rapid speaking English person, to have maximum benefit off all he tells (and shows you). But even when you are not so fluent in English, please do go, because even when you do not grasp all he is saying, his demonstrations will be of very high value for you also.



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